Compliance Safety Quality Environmental Management Systems


Our System Procedures covers the relevant elements prescribed in IS0 14001 and meets the relevant legal and other requirements. These procedures have been implemented to ensure that we are complying with the requirements for the prevention of pollution in their work place and the amelioration of pollutants caused by their construction activities

We have never caused an environmental incident where the team brings extensive experience in delivering infrastructure works within large and complex operating environments.

Our team’s experience in working together brings established proven strategies, adaptable systems and procedures to the project based on the following:

  • Implement best practice standards in environmental management.
  • Develop site specific Environmental Management Plan (EMP) that incorporates and fully complies with clients’ approvals.
  • Effective communication, induction and strict implementation and compliance of requirements within the EMP to all workforce, subcontractors and suppliers.
  • Selection of personnel experienced in delivering work in large-scale projects involving significant environmental sensitivities.
  • Selection of appropriate plant and construction methods to minimise risk of environmental issues.
  • Implementation of effective systems, controls, monitoring and auditing to confirm compliance.
  • Optimise scheduling works during permitted work hours or non-peak port operational hours.
  • Site inductions and refresher induction and training to manage and address all potential environmental issue.
  • Management of discharge to water, air and land from land base construction activities.

Finally, at no time, have we ever has caused an environmental issue or been issued with a notice from the EPA.